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Jenifer Sarver

A heartfelt thank you for all of your support, encouragement and votes.

This was my first race, but not my last.

About Me

I’m Jenifer Sarver and I am running to serve the 21st District in the United States Congress. I am a small business owner who grew up in South Texas in a working class family, the daughter of a minister and an educator. I have lived a life infused by faith, family and freedom. Like many others, I have experienced the American Dream through hard work, persistence and grit. But I know the American Dream is out of reach for so many, who work hard to get ahead, but whose wages don’t keep up with rising health care costs, living expenses and taxes. I am running for Congress to make the American Dream more attainable for more of our families.

I want to reclaim the core Republican values of limited government, local control and restrained spending. I believe our government can and should be effective, innovative and responsive to the needs of its citizens. And, whenever possible, it should get out of the way of progress and economic growth.

I do not believe in the false choice that we have to sacrifice our principles to solve problems. Plenty of people take principled stands in politics, not enough of our leaders solve problems. I believe women are natural problem solvers, and I look forward to being a collaborator and a change maker in Washington.

Importantly, I believe deeply that every life has dignity and worth, and how we govern, treat one another and talk to each other matters. I pledge to do my part to restore civility and respect to the political process. The politics of personal destruction have no place in the arena of ideas. And I think people are tired of politics as usual, sick of the hypocrisy and double standards endemic in our system, and are ready for a fresh perspective. I’m excited to bring it to them.

Join me on this journey.